Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing - Logo Designing - Branding - Social Media Design

Graphic is a way of communication. Depiction and Illustration of one’s ideas and thoughts into visual or figurine model is what graphic designing is all about.

This visual communication should have to be Clear, Correct and Concise all at the same time. Such Designs are easily recognizable and relives the longest in one’s mind.

Art is not what you see but what you make others see.
~Edgar Degas

We, at Sartim Solutions, works on the above stated principles. Graphic Designing encapsulates:

Logo Designing:

Logo is something which depicts your Identity, status and Existence.

There are five major types of Logos:

  1. Symbol / Icon
  2. Word Mark
  3. Letter Mark
  4. Combination Mark
  5. Emblem

Sartim Solutions excels in Logo Designing. Do check out our portfolio for artful logo illustrations.

Stationary Designing:

Stationary Designing includes; Business Cards, Company’s Letter-Head, Envelopes, Pen/Pencil, CD/DVD and other misc items.

Print Media Designing

Brochure designing, Billboard, Newspaper, Magazine, Flyer/Pamphlet etc all come-in the domain of Print Media Designing.

2D/3D Modeling and Animation

From creation to animation; Sartim Solutions provides complete 2D (Two-Dimensional) / 3D (Three-Dimensional) Modeling and Animation.
In 2D, we gratify Visual Effects, Editing, Composing Storyboards & Info-graphics.
Whereas, in 3D, complete Interior, Exterior & Character Modeling and Animation, Editing and Voice-Overs.

Logo Design, Brochures, Bill Boards need a Service ?  Checkout Our Portfolio and Decide